How to Play Blackjack Online

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Blackjack is also known as Twenty-one or Pontoon. It is a widely played casino game across the world. Generally blackjack online games are played with 52 cards. In online blackjack, your aim is to have a hand of 21, or as near as, and no higher, but beat the dealers hand. The value of cards in an online blackjack game vary. The value of an ace can be either 1 or 11, whereas the value of cards from 2 to 9 are taken as they are. The King, Queen, jack or 10 are valued as 10.

Know About the Unstoppable Growth of Online Casinos in Asia Pacific

Twenty-one is considered to be the precursor of blackjack casino games. Reference to Twenty-one is found in Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. As from the references to this game found in this book, it can be assumed that this game started from the 17th century in Castilia judi online . Later this game also became popular in Spain and France. The game of Twenty-one was also introduced in the United States and initially to make the game popular among casino goers, several bonuses were offered. If a player had a Black Jack and an ace of spades in their hand then a special bonus was given. Henceforth the name blackjack remained though the bonus is no longer given out to players.

Blackjack Strategy
Casino games are games of chances and sheer luck. But a player should be careful and try to maintain at least some of the basic strategies while playing blackjack.

As for blackjack strategy, one should try to get hold of the charts that state the blackjack rules. Using flawed strategies will only add to the houses advantage. As a player of online blackjack casinos, you should try to split the aces or 8s but never split 10s. It is preferable to hit on a hard 8 or of lesser value or stand on a hard 17 or of greater value. As you become an expert at blackjack online games you can opt for blackjack gambling with fewer numbers of decks. But as a beginner it is advisable to take advantage of the multi-decks games.

If you play blackjack you will need to buy chips from the dealer of the casino. Once you pay your amount you will be given equal values of chips. Generally the red chips represent $5, black chips represent $100 and the value of green chips is $25. White chips generally represent $1 and are considered value chips. $1 tokens, which are silver, are also used for online blackjack casino games.

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