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Who doesn’t know games? Yes, the game is currently becomes a favorite among students and adults. Many students make it a favorite for various reasons, as well as adults. One of the reasons why online games become a favorite is because games can provide entertainment for the players and can release fatigue after a long day of work.

Of course that’s because each of the online games has its own storyline. Some of the most favorite online games today are that we can see pubg mobile, mobile legend, free fire dominoqq terpercaya . In addition to online games, it turns out that people also make gambling a favorite, this is where when viewed at this time many people play gambling, including domino99.

Only by using a computer, laptop, or smartphone, online games can be played by many people. And also no less important online games must use the internet. Because with this internet we can connect to other players and even almost the whole world.

Online games become a favorite for the community. Online games themselves have many kinds where you can get them from several available platforms. Online games can make people addicted where someone who plays online games will have a desire to continue playing the game in order to reach the highest level of the game.

Actually this is not good for the health of the players themselves, where many players ignore the negative impact that the online game has.


Online games become a favorite for the community right now because they are considered fun and have a system called tournaments. This tournament itself is held either by the favorite online game platform or by each individual. Finally, we all know that the prizes obtained from the online game playing championships themselves reach a value of 5m and above.

This certainly makes online games an attraction in itself for the community, it is not uncommon for those who play online games continuously to hope to become a proplayer who can win prizes obtained from winning the favorite online game tournament.

Even now, many people make online games a livelihood, we can see on social media platforms that are circulating, where from men and women, many play online games in search of rupiah coffers. Yes, it’s true that online games are now not only played by men, but also women. Where for female players themselves, there are tournaments that are specifically for women. In fact, we can see that in online games, it is not uncommon for men and women to become a team to achieve mutual victory in the game.


As we know that online games can be played by using a device called technology. Therefore, online games are something that is seen as one of the systems for advancing technology. Because if we look at ancient times where cellphones can only be used to make calls.

This is far from what it is today, where mobile phones have evolved into smartphones which can not only be used to play online games. But it can be used for other important things, one of which is playing games.

And not infrequently those who play games through smartphones actually get money. As already explained, in addition to making online games become a favorite of the people, they also make online games a livelihood. Where they do not have to bother working to earn money which was not possible in the past.

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