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I have been recommending a wide variety of dietary supplements to my patients for the past 18 years. Needless to say, this is not the norm for physicians. The medical establishment as a whole is treatment driven rather the prevention driven. There is much more profit in treating illness and disease rather than preventing it. As a matter of fact, the healthcare industry, including the American Medical Association (AMA), medical schools, hospitals, research institutions and drug manufacturers, have made a concerted effort to obfuscate the truth about health supplements and their intrinsic value. What little legitimate research and data, detailing the benefits of supplementation, that actually reaches the general public is quickly dismissed by the medical community as being “unsubstantiated” or “preliminary.” Whenever I relate to a colleague a patient’s recovery from a chronic condition by simply adjusting their diet and prescribing the appropriate health supplements, I often become the recipient of an incredulous laugh or sarcastic comment. At best, I am summarily dismissed with any one of a number of explanations to contradict what I know to be empirical evidence of successful treatment. Supplements can neither treat nor prevent any serious illness or disease according to the vast majority of healthcare providers.

“Only highly trained medical professionals are able to successfully treat chronic illnesses.” This is the mantra of the traditional medical community. The most disturbing aspect of this attitude is that medical students receive little or no education regarding nutrition, dietary supplements or any alternative treatments. There is no curriculum that includes preventative medicine. Similarly, physicians do not augment their education with post-doctoral fellowships in nutrition or alternative treatment research. Additional education or training in this area is non-existent. Again, the primary motivating factor is not the patient’s health and well being, it is treatment Roid 24. The healthcare system is reactive, not proactive, to such an extent that physicians do not recognize they are, in part, responsible for their patients’ poor health. Physicians wait for symptoms, diagnose the symptoms and then attempt to treat the condition. A more pragmatic and cost-effective approach would be to administer healthcare systemically and organically. Ignoring the importance of preventative medicine contributes to the astronomical cost of healthcare in this country, along with Medicaid/Medicare, frivolous lawsuits and unlimited tort awards. For all these reasons, the average person is woefully misinformed about the benefits that proper nutrition and quality health supplements offer.

Quantifiable Results

Proper nutrition and regular exercise is the cornerstone of any effective health maintenance program. Again, most people do not appreciate the tremendous impact their diet has on their overall health and longevity. There are countless illnesses and diseases that are directly attributable to vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. It is crucial for you to learn about the nutrients contained in the foods you eat (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, etc.). The only way to accomplish this is to read. There is far too much data to impart to be sufficiently addressed in this article. The Internet is probably the best and easiest venue for obtaining this type of material.

Supplements are important in order for health maintenance. Unless your diet is made up of a perfect well balanced diet, supplements should be used to improve health and wellness. Many people feel like they can live fine without them but may be mislead. Now, I offer the top five reasons to utilize supplements for health.

Reason number one is that most modern day diets result in very poor overall nutrition. This causes deficiencies in key nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. One of the top culprits of this is fast food because their food is so limited in the amount of necessary vitamins and minerals. Remember that health supplements should not replace your diet, but compliment it.

Secondly, natural supplements for health can boost the immune system. This process is similar to taking a little vitamin C every once in awhile to ward off colds. Supplements can improve the bodies resistance to diseases, pathogens, and viruses by allowing maximum cellular function. If the all the cells in your body receive proper amounts of vitamins and minerals, they are able to function much more effectively.

The third reason why you should use supplements is to aid the body in removing toxins. There is an increasingly dangerous level of chemicals that we are exposed to every day. This can be from processed foods, modern medicines, and pollution in the air. Natural health supplements provide ways to feed the body nutrition without having any harmful side effects. Detoxing the body is also achieved from supplements that are designed to act as a natural laxative in order to flush out the colon. With a cleaner colon, you will have much smaller chances of developing diseases and sicknesses.

The fourth reason why we should all utilize supplements is because they are affordable. Just for a few dollars a month you can get a multivitamin supplement that gives your body great general health benefits for healthier living. This can also save you money because the cost of doctors fees and medical bills decrease if your never sick.

Health is important and you need to maintain it in order to have a regular active life. Many of us do take our health for granted. Simply because you are able to do all that you need today, depriving your body of its basic requirement can cause a long term negative effect.

With the current change in lifestyle, many people opt for the easy-to-cook fast foods. Our home-made-nutritional food has become a thing of the past. Fast foods mainly contain fats and carbohydrates, which pose danger to our bodies if consumed at such alarming rates. It is therefore wise to start taking some health supplements if you are exposed to this kind of a lifestyle, as your body is definitely not getting all the nutrients it needs.

Health supplements should never be taken as a replacement for proper nutrition. Just like their name, they remain mere supplements. The work of these supplements is to complement your diet, not take over your diet.

Supplements you can consume along with your regular diet are Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, calcium and herbal health supplements and GNLD products among others.

Health supplements are important as they boost our immunity, making us more resistant to diseases. They also help us to overcome deficiencies. Our diet alone might not be sufficient, hence there is a need to take these supplements. Although supplements are important, excess of it can cause damage to our body too. Therefore, before you decide to take up a supplement, consult your physician.

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