How to write a concept essay for college English

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The concept essay is the type of English essay that offers virtually unlimited opportunities for exploration. A concept essay can be a unique, personal, and memorable experience for both the reader and you by combining your personal knowledge with vivid, colorful examples.

Avoid concepts with objective definitions. These definitions are closed to interpretation, so you will have little to write about. Do not use a dictionary definition of your concept in your essay.

You should choose a concept you are passionate about and that you can show with examples. You should think in terms of concepts that are subjective such as “success”, “courage,” security, and fulfillment. This will require you to define your terms and provide examples.

Start your essay by introducing a story that sets the tone and captures the essence. It should, like all introductions be engaging and grab your attention.

Your introduction should conclude with a persuasive thesis that is both logically and rationally formulated and unique and personal. You are largely defining your concept through your terms. If a thesis statement for an essay about the concept of success said “I’ve had to be broke, I have been wealthy, and I’ve always been somewhere in between,” it might engage readers. Success to me does not depend on money. It is all about sharing my life with someone truly unique.

Keep your essay on track by focusing. This example would require you to describe how financial wealth didn’t give you a feeling of success. This essay will be your main focus. It will help you to express your feelings about sharing your life and with someone special. Use examples to support your argument.

Your concept essay should be concluded by reiterating your thesis with a new anecdote. The best concept essays end with a compelling idea that the reader can ponder or reflect on.

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