Organic Gardening Using Red Worms

October 30, 2021 by No Comments

Looking for a better alternative to maintaining your garden without having to harm the environment? It’s possible! So instead of resorting to chemical-based fertilizers, organic gardening using red worms is just what you’re looking for. Use red wigglers (the most favored earthworm when it comes to composting organic materials) for composting and reap great results in just a matter of weeks. Harvest these high-quality worm castings (it is said to be the richest natural fertilizer to date) that are full of nutrients; and see fast results on all your garden produce.

You should know that castings from red wiggler worms are garden treasures in itself. Worm castings are packed with nutrients that can be very valuable to the soil and plants. It also contains other live and beneficial organisms such as good bacteria, enzymes, days old animal manure (preferably animals that are only eat plants), and other organic scraps in the form of kitchen and garden wastes. The red wigglers get all the nutrients that they need out of eating all of these mentioned substances.

Apart from all the mentioned nutrients that castings have, this vermicomposting worms manure also contains a variety of minerals like calcium, copper, iron, carbon, nitrogen, and potassium (to name a few). These minerals make a good supplement to a worn-out soil (can be a great soil conditioner), and to a shriveling plant (castings from worms can be used on all kinds of plants, vegetation, etc). You can be assured that this compost material that these red wigglers produce are 100% organic, and is very safe to use in the environment.

Organic gardens really benefit a lot from compost that are produced out worm composting. Not only is composting with worms the most efficient and quickest way (since you can do this all year round) to producing compost for your garden (when compared to aerobic and/or anaerobic composting), it also helps increase the number of microbes in the soil (especially where the roots of the plants are) that aids in warding off diseases and infestations that may post harmful to your plants.

Composting using red wigglers and their castings also helps in bringing back worn-out soil back to its healthier state. Aside from that, its water retention capacity is also enhanced. So when these advantages are present, erosion in the soil can be avoided from occurring.

Now, when you’re into organic gardening, you should know that it’s also cost-friendly. The organic fertilizer that your red worms produce come from the organic scraps that are fed to them. These organic materials can instantly come from your regular generation of household wastes. So instead of having to buy your garden supplements, you can just resort to making them. But always make sure that these are untreated stuff. These red worms are vegans, but you’ll also have to avoid feeding them stuff that are oily, spicy, salty, citrusy, or has meat, poultry, seafood or dairy stuff in them.

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