SMS Collection Part 1 – Inspiring Practical Humor

September 16, 2021 by No Comments

The virtual world spurned by the SMS technology has a vast of collection of messages you can forward to your friends, business partners, family or employees. Whatever the occasion or the purposes, there’s one SMS message in this vast collection that will suit you and your purposes.

Except for some, like quotable quotes or biblical passages, the authors of these messages are lost in the thread. Unlike email forwards, SMS forwarded to different people don’t contain a history of senders Email to SMS . You only see who forwarded it to you. But as a salute to the creative and ingenious people who crafted these, here are some of the broad categories you will find interesting:

Inspirational Collection of SMS. Inspirational messages are usually drawn from passages in the Christian bible or any sacred text aimed at lifting dampened spirits and drawing inspiration from. These messages often remind recipients of practical truths or biblical wisdom in times of great distress or grief. If you know anyone facing difficulty, there’s an inspirational message that could encourage them. Example: The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want – Psalm 23.

Graphic Collections of SMS. Non-alphanumeric characters arranged to show a sketch of practical shapes and recognizable designs can accompany text messages. These text drawings help convey emotions and bring your text message alive. From the simple smiley and emotion icons shared by friends, graphic messages are also fantastic flirting tools. Your creativity guarantees a smile. Let’s hope the meaning and feeling you wish to convey is as clearly carried across. Example: (((xxx))) good night n sleep tight.

Business Collection of SMS. Usually short motivational messages dispersed to improve employee morale or encourage excellent performance, business text messages shared within and among business organizations. They usually include practical advice and guides to success, growth, planning and strategies. These can either be direct statements or short anecdotes about actual or hypothetical business-related scenarios containing practical lessons. Work-related humor is also part of this collection. Example: To fail to plan is to plan to fail.

Birthday Collection of SMS. There’s more than one way to greet your friend or your wife on their special day. Instead of simply saying, “Happy Birthday,” be creative and send them a special text greeting you can personalize. You can even go a bit poetic. You can even quote an excerpt from your favorite Hallmark greeting – just be sure to acknowledge your source. Example: It’s great to be you when it’s your birthday!”

Friendship Collection of SMS. True to its theme, these set of text messages talk about the value of friends and the abstract meaning of friendship by practical illustrations. Sometimes sober, other times touching, friendship text messages can also be a little funny. The friendship collection is an interesting literature of how people today view friendships and their friends, and the value they put in it. Example: I’d rather lose a love than a friend like you.

Jokes Collection of SMS. When you just want to laugh, jokes do a pretty good job at that. Generally, these are funny anecdotes of practical life scenarios that may carry a practical lesson, delivered in a humorous way. Joke texts are sometimes more effective than direct practical lesson teaching. People tend to remember jokes better and are always eager to share them.

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