What to Consider When Buying Luxury Bed Linen Sets to Get Quality Cheaper

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As have talked about before home improvements are mostly thought of a new kitchen or a new bathroom. Many people still don’t immediately think of bed linen and bedding and that is a shame. However, you can completely change the look and feel of your bedroom by changing your bedding and bed linen at very minimal cost.

Luxury Silk and Shine Bedding Set Pure Lux Neutral Hue Pastel Green –  Vshine Silk and Shine

Easy care bed linen was very popular in the past and this was not surprising considering the amount of hard work that went into doing the household laundry. Many years ago washing the bed linen and other items could take all week. Fortunately quality and ease have taken over now a days, and consumers are now finally able to break the mold to find bedding that helps to complete their bedroom 100 silk bedding . There are hundreds upon hundreds of choices out there of all different colors and designs.

Choices are wonderful, but may be wondering how can it be narrowed down. There are three main areas that are components of great bed sheets. They can be broken down to the material, the thread count and the hand. To get sheets that are cool, soft and of good solid quality you should strongly consider 100 % cotton. Polyester sheets are not entirely bad, just harder to the feel, but don’t require so much ironing. Cotton is advantageous because it whisks moisture away, making the sheets feel more inviting to the touch. Egyptian cotton is a more expensive variation of the cotton family for bed linen, but produces softer and more durable bed sheets.

Thread count doesn’t get a whole of attention, but is very important in making a decision about bed linen. For high-quality sheets, a minimum of 200 thread count should be expected. The higher the quality the higher the thread count for great bed linen sets. As expected, the price usually also increases as thread count increases. A high thread count handles itself better through washing, increasing in softness and overall appearance better than lower thread counts. A low thread count tends to become stiffer and quickly fall out of favor. Typically most people tend to shop the 200-400 thread count level to maximize quality but minimize cost. There are plenty of options and varieties in this area, but don’t feel like you are required to stick in this range if you want a little extra, just avoid going under it if at all possible.

The third and final point is often intertwined with the other aspects of bed linen which refers to how it feels to the touch. This can be affected by what type of cotton, the thread count, carding and combing, the type of weaving and the dying process itself. Italian weavers are often looked at being particularly good hence why you tend to find prices be that much higher, so one can consider French being one of the next top ones, but a more reasonable price with lines produced like Le Vele bed sets.

There are then several materials to choose from such as flannel, silk, satin and linen. Some obvious aspects are flannel is great for cold winters whereas for sheer luxury, satin and silk is top notch. Silk is a fabulous material, but can be expensive to dry clean your sheets every week if want to properly take care of them. Another key thing to remember is that sheets can actually shrink by as much as 7 percent after the first washing, but obviously care instructions can limit such extremes.

There may be lots of choices out there, but the key is not be so overwhelmed. Narrowing it down to the 200-400 thread count range unless of course wanting even higher quality bed linen is the first step along with a spending budget. Have some patterns or ideas you would like to see for bed linen or start with a great bed linen company and work through their items. Even if they don’t have exactly what you are looking for, that might help you for the future to further narrow it down.

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