The Holiday Shopping Season and Promotional Product Gift Giving

September 2, 2021 by No Comments

The holiday shopping season is officially underway! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Maybe you are already done? If so, then “Wow, I’m impressed!” Most of us are probably not quite done yet, though. Or, maybe you’ve started a little bit? Or, maybe not at all? By shopping I’m almost positive you assume I mean actually making purchases online or in the store.

According to, October is actually “pre-shopping” time when most of the online browsing or comparison shopping begins custom mailer boxes cheap . October is the time to start raising awareness for your website, your products, and to give any holiday season pricing incentives: such as percent-off or free shipping for larger quantities; online coupon codes; frequent purchase programs; etc.

During the holiday season, promotional products can serve a number of different purposes, two of which will take advantage of this pre-shopping season in different ways.

One good use of promotional products is to get the word out to potential customers about what your physical or online business has to offer during the upcoming holiday season. For this, the October pre-shopping period is the ideal time to get in front of your potential customers’ face, to get them to put your company’s items into their gift-giving consideration set and ultimately to choose your company as their gift product provider, if not exclusively, then at least partially. And, the sooner you can convert their considerations into actual purchases or commitments to purchase the better you are able prevent your competitors from squeezing into their consideration set, too.

Another purpose for promotional imprinted products is to give as holiday gifts to your customers, clients, or employees as an end-of-year thank you for their patronage or contribution to the business’ success. For this, the October pre-shopping period is the ideal time to do some planning, such as determining how many people you need to get gifts for; decide if you need more than one type of gift; review gift-giving etiquette to be sure your choice is appropriate in style and in price; and to make sure you build in the necessary lead time for printing and customizing your gift.

Don’t let your imprinted holiday gift be a generic last-minute afterthought. Be noticed by being thoughtful and unique while also being appropriate to the occasion and the receiver. Careful planning can also help you keep your costs down. There is no need for your promotional gift item to be expensive to be appropriate. A good quality and low cost promotional item that you can put in a mailer can be enough to get your brand noticed, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective, it just needs to be appropriate for it’s target and for your goals.

What makes promotional products so effective is that they can be customized to the dual need of the giver and the receiver. Customizing can be simply putting your logo on the item, but it can also be choosing a particular color combination relevant to your business, or it can be a larger screen-printed design built into the body of the item, or an engraved tagline, etc.. Or, choose from a variety of pre-made gift sets or work with your promotional product provider to create your own unique gift set combination of items.

No matter when you’ve begun your holiday Shopping Season preparation work, keep in mind that it is quality that matters most. If you’ve gotten off to a late start, don’t get sloppy to catch up. Who knows, maybe by being a little later than others, you’ll catch people at a time when they aren’t as inundated with other offers or gifts and might notice yours more than they would have otherwise. Either way, making a good impression is always important. If someone doesn’t choose your company’s products or services this holiday season, it doesn’t mean that they won’t consider you for the next season or their next event.

While you want to take advantage of each phase of the holiday shopping cycle, starting at the pre-planning phase, keep in mind that your ultimate goal should still be to build long-term customers and relationships, so you don’t only want to make a sale at the moment, you also want your customers and clients to come back again and to tell others about you, your products, and your company, too.

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