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Undergraduate education is educational training carried out before graduation and after post-baccalaureate education. It usually comprises all post-baccalaureate programs up to the equivalent of a master’s degree. The courses are normally taken in order to develop a set of academic skills and knowledge that will enable students to participate competently in the workforce after graduation, whether as graduates or as new entrants into the labor market. Students enrolled in such programs have the opportunity to choose a specialization. Many choose to become teachers or members of the legal professions.

New data show the economic value of earning a bachelor's degree remains high

An Undergraduate Professional Degree (OPD) is usually a two-year program; however, some are longer. Full-time students must still maintain a part-time job while going to school for the OPD. In order to complete an OPD, an individual must pass an exam, obtain a grade of at least 2.5 on the examination, and pass an original written examination. OPDs are usually 60 credit units long and most require prerequisites are met. There are some areas of study that do not require OPDs in order to earn a degree as an undergraduate

Joint degrees generally refer to two separate liberal arts programs that are offered by a university or other post-secondary institution. They may share some curriculum requirements, but each program usually has its own separate major and elective requirements. In a joint degree, students take general education courses and one specific liberal arts course. Students then must complete the specific liberal arts requirement.

Online college degrees are college degrees that allow you to earn a degree through the Internet rather than on campus. You will receive your degree via remote access from a computer or other electronic device. Online college degrees do not require you to physically go to school and do physical work. Instead, you complete all of your coursework on your own through the Internet. It is typically faster to complete than traditional college degrees as well, though it is not always as valuable.

A bachelor’s degree is achieved after four years of full time education (at least half time for students who have completed the associate’s degree as their first major). Students enter into a four-year bachelor’s program where they complete general studies, specializations, and a liberal arts degree (or another major if their first was a Bachelor of Science). Students may not attain a master’s or doctorate degree within this time period. Students who have already earned their bachelor’s degree can continue on to earn a master’s or doctorate within their bachelor’s degree program.

The first two programs above are examples of the typical types of programs. There are also many others, depending upon a student’s interests and career goals. Students should consider their future goals and the type of education they wish to pursue before beginning their education. There are also many scholarships available, which may allow students to fund their education entirely. Some students even get financial aid based upon the student’s race/ethnicity and/or socio-economic status.

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