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Have you ever heard of this? “We started having sex in high school. He was always in a hurry and I suppose I was too. We were doing it anywhere and everywhere. He was so cool. I thought I was lucky. I graduated pregnant. He got a job right away. I went to work at McDonald’s before my pregnancy showed.”

I had to go have the baby. We still have not paid the bill for that. My parents were poor too. We sat around the house while I took care of the baby. When he got home from work he just sat on the sofa watching TV and drinking beer while I was the baby caregiver and maid literotica. He blamed me for the baby and ruining his chance for a college degree. He would make me feel responsible and ashamed.

Now I work at McDonald’s, raising Billy with the help of my parents, where I live now. He never did go to college. I knew he would not. He has a new girl and a pretty car. I don’t have a car.”

Or this, “We had two kids and lived in this apartment. I worked while Joe finished school. He got his degree and his first job. I don’t know how it happened but we started arguing a lot, and he stayed out drinking beer with his friends. One night he came to bed and I could smell her on him. He had been with another woman, I was positive.”

These stories go on every day, especially in average or below income groups. Being young and going into responsible adulthood can be a terrible struggle. Toss in children and a thin income and trouble is just around the corner.

If you are reading this article because you are familiar with this type situation or it may be happening to you now, or you are on the brink of it happening, please go read my article
“In Love 51 Years”. It is under my name.

When a baby chicken hatches it is on its way to laying fertile eggs as fast as nature wants it to happen. It is no different with humans. The boy is the rooster, in oh so many ways. The girl is the mother hen. Do real roosters sit on the sofa and drink beer? No, they have it better than that. They get to strut around the chicken coop making more mothers.

Mothers hold those baby chicks under her wing while papa struts around the hens. We are creatures of nature. Nature loves to procreate. Have you ever seen humans without sexual organs? Of course not, we were put here to produce more of us. That is the order of the day.

Civilization is now mixed up in creating children and while life can be terrific, it also can be terrible. There is a cute line in a movie where the man was going to fix the toilet. He tells the lady, “Well the trouble is probably with the ballcock.” She replies, “Most troubles usually start there.”

You cannot build a home without a foundation, and you cannot start a marriage without love. As I say in my article, “In Love 51 Years”, my lust for my wife was so intertwined with love I could not hardly tell the two emotions apart. It was just one big case of wanting her. Later, thank God, there was plenty of love when we got started.

Take care, you family makers to be. If you are already in too deep, well I feel sorry for you. If you can’t make love work now, surely you will be smarter the next time. For those on the brink, think hard. A climax is only a short time. Misery in marriage is hell for a long long time.

Don Jones is one of our Platinum Authors. He often writes of love and lust because, he says, “It is something I happen to know a lot about” He is 72 and been in love with the same lady 51 years. Read that article under his name. If you want some interesting reading, take a peek at the many mini-love stories he has written at [] His mentor on site building and marketing is Mary Pierce at [] . She is terrific, he keeps telling us.

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