Clear Tarps For Protecting Plants

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If you’re looking for a tarp that will best protect young plants or virtually any type of agriculture a clear tarp is probably your best bet. Clear tarps will allow 100 percent of sunlight in, while protecting what is underneath from the elements. Because you can see through these tarps they are also great as the side covers for tents or canopies. In the same way they can be used for patio enclosures. They are also popular at flea markets where they can cover goods that people are trying to sell.

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Clear coverings can also be handy to provide temporary shelters where you want to be able to work on something and still see in and out. A clear tarpaulins will cover a boat or car you are working on protecting you and the vehicle from the wind and rain. A tarp that is clear can also come in handy on a camping trip. You could use one to make a shelter at night to help protect you from the weather and predators. And a clear tarp will still allow you to see out to get that away from the city view of the stars buy tarpaulin.

There are two kinds of clear tarpaulins uses generally available on the market. Clear heavy duty poly tarps are about an eighth of an inch thick and weigh about six ounces per square yard making them easy to handle. The poly tarps are waterproof and rot proof, and they are clear but not completely see-through. Because they are lighter weight they may be the best clear tarp for covering plants. Clear poly tarps are also a very affordable way of building or completing a green house. Unlike other materials a clear tarp can be taken off easily in warmer weather and put back on when temperatures drop.

Newer to the market are PVC tarps that are clear. They are almost completely transparent and still rot proof and waterproof. They are a bit thicker and heavier than the clear poly tarps. The PVC tarps are a little less than a half inch thick and weigh 12 ounces per square yard. This makes them more than twice as heavy as the poly tarps and pretty hard to carry around. The hems of the PVC tarps are reinforced with heavy duty PVC. These crystal clear tarps are also a lot more expensive than the clear poly tarps. But they are sturdier than the poly tarps and may supply more bang for the buck when it comes to durability. The corners of both kinds of clear tarps should be reinforced. Eyelets on both are generally 36 inches apart.

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