Beat Brain Drain, Create Jobs, and Keep America Leading in GDP

June 28, 2021 by No Comments

Since the recession of 2008, there has been a new global war taking form. If you were to query the billions that live on our planet what is the #1 thing they all want from their government leaders, the answer would be an economy that provided good jobs. Everyone in the world wants a good job.

Pandemic Lows: Formalisation of jobs takes a big hit – Vartahub

Today, the war for jobs around the globe has trumped all other leadership activities. If countries fail at creating jobs, their societies fall apart. Countries, and cities will experience suffering, chaos, and eventual revolution. This is the new world that leaders confront. This can be seen as much at city level as it is at the country level rangers joba. Look at post-recession Detroit, MI; or Cleveland, OH.

Consider the recent Occupy Protest movements that sprung up in New York and major cities across America and the globe. Basically these protests came down to jobs and the ability for folks to provide for their families, it came down to hope for the future. The fact is the majority of people around the world want jobs.

This is a change from the past century, where the number one thing citizens expected from their leadership was food, shelter and security. Today that number one desire is simply good jobs. These protest movements, which were for the most part peaceful, are just a sliver of what is to come for countries and cities whose leadership fails to understand this new economic reality and this new global war for jobs. Folks around the world want and expect their leadership to make the right decisions, which allow for economic growth, job creation and stability in their countries, cities and communities. Take that away to a high degree and the recent “Occupy” protest movements will seem like a walk in the park and instead government leaders may experience widespread havoc, violent protests and even attempts at overthrowing their entire government leadership. Similar to what we have witnessed recently in many of the Arab countries, like Egypt, Syria, Libya, where entire government leadership was forcibly thrown out. Or Spain, where youth unemployment is also rampant.

This new leadership problem faced by many countries, including America, is stemming from an increasing number of people in various cities and around the entire globe that are miserable, suffering, and are dangerously unhappy because they have a dismal future and no sight of a job or hope.

Joblessness is the core drive for national hopelessness.

Take away a person’s hope for the future and you risk revolution and revolt, violence and chaos. And if this happens to a collective high number of people in any given city, state or country, government leadership will likely be changed through force or other means.

The global war for jobs is similar to WWII, where competing countries were fighting for, basically, world leadership. But this new global war will not be won by military might, it will be won by jobs and GDP. The global war for jobs (and GDP) will determine the leader of the Free World.

If the U.S. allows China or any other country to out compete it, out innovate it, out job create it, out GDP it, that changes everything. This is America’s next war for everything. It is happening now and it will continue to unfold for the next 30 years. By 2040, a winner of this war will be determined. Wherever the world’s most talented brains, entrepreneurs, and shakers-n-movers choose to migrate, is where economic empires will rise. These explorers migrate to cities that maximize entrepreneurship opportunities, innovation and skill. Areas like Silicon Valley, Seoul and Singapore have become colossal global successes in entrepreneurship and job creation. When the talented explorers, entrepreneurs, adventurers of the next generation choose your city, or country, you become the “holy grail” of global leadership, attracting new brains, new talent, new entrepreneurs, thus job creation.

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